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A highly experiential learning experience that works in real-life and focusses on your business context. Participants get hands-on using techniques backed by science and used in the 'field' by practitioners.


Trained by leading experts in the world in Behaviour Analysis and Investigative Interviewing, I work with individuals and teams in businesses, politics, NGO's and the security world. I bring a specific emphasis on reading, interpreting and influencing behaviour.

Ideal for senior leaders, HR, audit, sales or negotiating teams who want to understand what people are really communicating. 

Whether working 1:1, with small groups or presenting to large audiences I will help you to understand what people are really communicating or withholding - giving you insights for better decision making.

The Training

Helping you to get more of what you want

Behaviour analysis for real-life application

read, assess, and influence behaviour

For groups of 4-10 people at your location.

Level 1: Immersive 1 day 

Using behaviour analysis to read, assess and influence behaviour in real-time.

Level 2: Modular Course 2 days 

Developing the core skills from the 1 day immersive. You will learn how to: read verbal and non-verbal behaviour in negotiations and networking, use forensic statement analysis to assess credibility, read commitment and motivation in emails and meetings, build trust, elicit information and deal with emotions in others.

Level 3: Master Classes 1/2 day each 

Behaviour Analysis Coaching: get to the heart of the matter and determine commitment asap.

Profile your network: using behaviour analysis to navigate relationships by reading people and culture.

Communication excellence: prepare yourself, your message and read the audience to communicate effectively.

Credibility Analysis & Investigative Interviewing: spotting, probing and assessing in high stakes scenarios.

"Quite honestly, 1 of the most interesting courses I've been on over the last 20 years in the industry." Senior Broker, Finance.

Custom Fit

We are experienced in delivering training in a range of fields including the corporate world, security, public sector and third sector organisations. We know that the needs, budget and time each organisation has available is different and so we aim to listen to your requirements and custom design a training package to meet your needs.

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