Body Language Series

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Would you like to learn how to read people?

Based on research, our Body Language Series will help you to understand what is going on inside the minds of others - in business and social settings. You will learn how to spot and interpret other people's body language so you can be more effective. You won't look at people in the same way!

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Decoding Body Language
6 part training over 2 hours delivered to your inbox for £12.97 - giving you a grounding in reading other people's body language.
1. A framework for understanding.
2. Palm Gestures.
3. Hand and Arm Gestures.
4. Hand and Face Gestures.
5. Arm barriers.
6. Leg barriers.
Decoding Body Language of the Face
4 part training over 1.5 hours delivered to your inbox for: £9.97 - focusing on reading facial body language. Covering:
1. Eye signals.
2. Facial expressions.
3. Head gestures.
4. Reading lips.
Body Language in Social Settings
4 part training over 1 hour delivered to your inbox for: £6:47 - focusing on reading body language in social settings. Covering:
1. Personal space.
2. Seating arrangements.
3. Dating and courtship.
4. Body pointing.
Body Language in Job Interviews
9 part mini-training delivered straight to your inbox for: £2.97 - focusing on applying body language in job interviews. Covering:
1. The reception area.
2. The entry.
3. The approach.
4. The handshake.
5. When you sit.
6. Seating areas.
7. Your gestures.
8. Distance.
9. The exit
Body Language in Negotiations
A half hour training session delivered straight to your inbox for: £3.47 - focusing on how you can spot, interpret and apply body language to give you the edge in negotiations.
1. Base-lining behaviour
2. Limbic leakage
3. Clusters
4. Language patterns
The Complete Body Language Series
EVERY title on this page - over 5 hours of training - delivered to your inbox for a saving of 25% for only: £24.97.


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